How To Avoid Toxins In Skin Care During Pregnancy

How To Avoid Toxins In Skin Care During Pregnancy

The natural way to skin care during pregnancy

Expectant mothers become much more aware of the products that apply to the skin to protect the fetus that grows inside them. During pregnancy, a number of changes affect the emotions and body due to increased circulation and hormonal functions that are intended to help with birth while supporting the growth of the new child.

Changes in estrogen, progesterone and melanin stimulating hormones can lead to skin changes, including sensitivity, dryness, stretching, itching and darkening in a variety of areas. During pregnancy, nails can be harvested and thinner and sometimes more difficult. Usually they return to normal within 6 months of birth. This is when a first-class luxuriant body lotion and stretch mark oil should be used frequently.

The ovaries emit a large amount of estrogen during pregnancy and to proportionate there is an increase of androgens that affect the hair. Abnormal hair growth on the upper lip, chin and sides of the face may be caused by this. Do not worry, it only accelerates vellus hair, a nice peach like fuzz, which usually disappears after birth.

In my experience, when pregnant, expected mom should immediately start using luscious body lotions or body oils to ensure that the skin is deeply damped to prevent itching sensation caused by stretching the skin as the child grows. Sudden stretching of the skin can lead to scars characterized by streak marks due to the underlying connective tissue rupture.

To reduce the likelihood of stretching that also occurs on the hips, the breasts, the back of the thighs is to keep the moisture level up with the help of oils, plant bones or rich moisture generators. Stretch marks are very common in a large proportion of women who become pregnant. Because elasticity and stretching is a biological matter, applications can improve skin flexibility and agility daily to reduce the risk of stinging.

Due to more pollution in the atmosphere, it is important to do what we can to avoid the increasing toxin load in our bodies. Knowing the nature of the skin and how ingredients in skin care products from the pregnancy can really penetrate the skin and delivered to the bloodstream can help us see why, its essential to avoid synthetic ingredients at all costs.

The skins responsibility is to allow substances as well as to hold them out. This feature depends on the environment in which the skin is located.

Below are more details about transdermal (over skin) absorption ...

The skin consists of several layers. Epidermis (What We Can Touch) Dermis (contains most blood vessels), the subcutaneous tissue are the basic parts of the skin. The outer layer of the epidermis, called the stratum corneum, consists of several layers of keratinized epithelial cells that are solid, which helps keep the skin moisturized. Keratin contributes to the composition of a semi-waterproof barrier.

Substances must have low molecular weight to permeate the skin. Pure essential oils are concentrated essences with a small molecular structure that allows them to easily penetrate the skin and work into the body by mixing with the fatty tissue. They are regularly added to high quality skin care products. Due to the small molecular structure of essential oils, they have lower weight for solid oils. Therefore, all the excellent beneficial properties associated with essential oils are absorbed quite rapidly in the bloodstream. Solid oils act as carriers for essential oils and because they have a higher molecular weight, they are on the surface and act as lubricants. It is important to note that some essential oils may cause irritation to certain skin types, so it is worth having a well-founded discussion with your skin care product when you buy. Many common lotions contain other ingredients than solid or pure essential oils - namely synthetic fragrances and preservatives. Sorry that most synthetic substances can penetrate the skin and quickly deliver in the blood.

The information on skin nature helps us understand how ingredients in skin care products really penetrate the skin and penetrate into the blood. If we try to keep a toxin-free body, its obvious that we would choose natural organic skin care products.

The real benefits of natural skin care products to common are that they contain all natural ingredients that are free from artificial dyes, preservatives, fragrances and are absolutely free.

The essences and herbs of the medicinal plant have been evaluated for thousands of years for their therapeutic properties. Modern science has now confirmed that it has many different offers that can support expectant mothers from childbirth and beyond.

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